Meet The Brit Pack: The 10 Hottest British Actors

Meet the Brit Pack: The 10 Hottest British Actors

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Alan Rickman - one of my favorite British actors, and a class act!

Alan Rickman - star of & Hard& & Hood: Prince of Thieves& and of course the Harry Potter films.

I can't even deal with how cute Matthew Goode is!

Actor Matthew Goode served as inspiration for the character of Lieutenant Ian Worth in "The Imitation Game"  Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO. While should the new and innovative season commencement? What main attributes are going to be killed off? Will possibly Joffrey be killed?

Sean Bean, british actor lately highly praised for his role of Ned Stark in the new HBO TV series Game of Thrones,

matthew goode

NYC-based celebrity photographer Stephanie Diani photographed British actor Matthew Goode, currently seen in “The Imitation Game,” for Backstage Magazine at The Egg Shop NYC.

Charles Dance - Nice looking man,British actor, I really like his roles he plays.

Charles Dance - Gorgeous British actor, I really like the roles he plays. He was the best as Guy in The Jewel In the Crown !

Ioan Gruffudd (Amazing Grace)

Ioan Gruffudd - Amazing British actor in "Amazing Grace" and "Horatio Hornblower" series