Buddy the Mixed Breed puppy - He is so cute I had to post two pictures.

Buddy is a beautiful, unique Boston Terrier / King Charles Cavalier. He came from a breeder in the United Kingdom who had a little accident with a Boston Terrier, and what an amazing accident! looks like a mini boxer!

A Brindle Boxer Puppy ~ Beautiful !!!

Can You Recognize Dog Breeds By Their Eyes?

THE definition of puppy dog eyes! And Boxers always have puppy dog eyes.

The not-quite #black #boxer- called a seal reverse brindle...look at that face!

Black Boxers – Fact or Fiction?

Beautiful Reverse Sealed Brindle Boxer Pup ❤️ There is no such breed as a "black boxer"!

What an impressive boy! He looks like a "Ray Lewis" ... Come on Universe... bring me my Ray!

Black and Brindle Boxers Dogs Brindle White Brindle Boxers Picture of Brindle Boxer Dog white and Brindle Brindle Boxer Pictur.

I Love Boxers :) that face melts my heart... And look at that awesome brindle color!!!!

Boxer - Energetic and Funny

Brindle Boxer :) that face melts my heart. And look at that awesome brindle color!

so flippin cute <3 nothing better than a brindle <3

nothing is cuter than a baby brindle boxer :) now, the devil lives inside my three year old.