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♜ Shabby Castle Chic ♜ rich and gorgeous home decor - state bed at Plas Newydd with its flying tester.

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T-Rex adesso chi e' quello con le braccia piccole?

Raptor Hoodie Shirt. realizza felpe “animate” per bambini, come Raptor Hoodie Shirt: incrociate le braccia e il dinosauro si trasforma! Potete acquistarle su

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An article published in the journal PLOS ONE describes the discovery of a theropod dinosaur that was called Gualicho shinyae. It's been classified in the group of carnosaurs and what makes it particularly interesting is that its arms are small like those of the more famous Tyrannosaurus rex, classified in another group of theropods. This suggests that this feature evolved a number of times independently. Read the details in the article!

È un bel modo di perdersi....... perdersi uno nelle braccia dell’altra.

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16.) Deinocheirus The Deinocheirus was the largest ornithomimosaurian (ostrich dinosaur) to ever exist. The bones were discovered in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia in 1965. It measured 11 m (36 ft), with an estimated weight of 6.36 t (14,000 lb). Its claws are huge and were probably very useful for digging up food or scaring off attackers!

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Possa Morfeo accompagnarti fino alla luce dell'alba del giorno dopo, cullandoti dolcemente e serenamente fra le sue braccia. - Rex Akragas

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Furniture Stencils | Chinoiserie Butterflies | Royal Design Studio

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Hampton Court Royal Bedchamber - Queen Charlotte's fabulous bed - 4 feather mattresses too!

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<strong>Grain Wood Furniture</strong> Montauk Panel Bed

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