Why does it always have to be a "Nerd Girl" problem?  Guys like to read, too.

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Why does it always have to be a "Nerd Girl" problem? Guys like to read, too.<There is also a thing called "Nerd Boy" problems

or you start to finally fall asleep and get cracked in the face.....not that it's ever happen to me or anything......

Problems of a Book Nerd. or your kindle and it whacks you across the bridge of your nose!

Book Nerd Problems....... #booknerdproblems pic.twitter.com/hfGLoRtYg0

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ravenclawslibrary: “ bookworldau: “ We’re all too familiar with this. ” That is the single greatest moment of panic I’ve ever experienced.

Book nerd problem: Resisting the urge to pull out your book at social gatherings. When I feel the urge to read, I know it's time to go home.

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Book Nerd Problem 238 Funny Graphic T-Shirt. I need this shirt for whenever I'm reading.

Anyone else yell out "I called it" even when there a lot of people around? <- Always. It is important the world knows of my genius.

More like when you figure out a plot twist before it happens while watching Sherlock and you beat Sherlock Holmes

Pentatwine: Book Nerd Problems #12 | Reader Problems

Hello Peeps, how's everyone doing? Weekend going well? Partying hard or sleeping in? I know, I spent the entire day lazing around in bed.