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Blue Lips

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Paint liquid lipstick (available tomorrow) with Morocco shadow blown out on the eyes, both by Lashes are T Dot Oooh by 💙

Aya Jones in Allure US October 2016 by Solve Sundsbo

thebeautymodel: “ “Best of Beauty” Aya Jones by Sølve Sundsbø for Allure October Stylist: Beat Bolliger Makeup: Val Garland Hair: Rudi Lewis Nails: Marian Newman ”

<3blue lip ***************************************** Lovely Moon ( °>° )

theawkwardturd-el: “ askgeorgebush: “ ikearstin: “ make-up-is-an-art: “ Blue lips, blue veins. ” My favorite color :) ” nobody gives a shit ” This is very beautiful.

Ces 17 jaw-dropping lèvre regards art peut vous encourager à la retraite que le rouge à lèvres rouge traditionnel en faveur de faire une déclaration de l'art de la lèvre de vous posséder

Cool Lip Art Looks You Have to See to Believe

These 17 jaw-dropping lip art looks may encourage you to retire that traditional red lipstick in favor of making a lip art statement of your own.

Use feline khol From @maccosmetics and milk jumbo pencil From @nyxcosmetics

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