Beautiful -anyone know what they are?


Bluebells - what gorgeous color they bring to one's garden. Bluebells are a perennial; they come up each spring, and are a delight. I have several planted in a shady area underneath an oak tree. The best time to plant these bulbs are in the late summe

English Bluebells: A hybrid of English and Spanish Bluebells occurs in the wild in the U.S. (mostly in blue), and is lovely. It can be quite invasive,

English Bluebells: A hybrid of English and Spanish Bluebells occurs in the wild in the U. Can be invasive.



There's lots of bluebells near me, even though I live in a built-up area. I call them 'Fairy Flowers' :)

This is a photo of a field of blue bells. I chose this photo because blue bells are my favorite flower and relate to one of my favorite memories as a kid. Everyday after my did picked me up from my babysitters we would stop on the side of the road and pick some blue bells for my Mom.

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Bluebonnet Field - Ellis County, Texas When I see photos like this, I have to resist the urge to gorilla plant bluebonnets along roadsides and other public urbanscape. : ) This is a Texas tradition.

English Bluebells--this is how I'm picturing the Bluebell Wood, where Robert arranges for some young people to discover him and Lady Serena kissing--"The Temptation of Lady Serena" by Ella Quinn

English Bluebells

Appreciation of the English bluebell, the pretty spring time wildflower.

Lillie's of the valley

Just beautiful.Reminds me of the rock gardens in our back yard when I was a child. They were full of Lilly of the Valley and we cleaned them every spring.I loved the Lilly of the Valley even as a very young girl.

hyacinthoides non-scripta - bluebells - spread by runners

Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Common Bluebell . the common English Bluebell