Portfolio/Big Book Storage

From our Nevis storage range, this 6 compartment unit is designed for storage of portfolios or big books.

Big Book Holder - Children's Furniture

Our Big Book Holder has four separate compartments for storing up to 50 books. Uprights are red, blue and yellow and the base and back are green. As an extra safety feature MDF uprights have rounded corners and are finished with a PVC radius edging.

Book and magazine storage

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Guidecraft Big Book Storage Box

The Guidecraft Big Book Storage Box is contemporary for playroom storage. This big book storage box features centre dividers for separating items, casters for easy mobility and a handy size for both adults and children to gain access. The Guidecraft Big B

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Rear Big Book Storage

Rear Big Book Storage

Big book storage carts that I use to house student portfolios.

Big book storage carts that I use to house student portfolios.

Roundhouse Urbo matt lacquer bespoke kitchen with built-in book storage

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