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Cléo de Mérode, French dancer of the Belle époque. Beautiful woman & clothing. Clean, elegant, vintage

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History of Boots and Women Who Love Them

This lace heeled bootie is an example of the footwear during the period. Belle epoque


Literally "Beautiful Age". Name given in France to the period from roughly the end of the Franco-Prussian War (1871) to the start of World War 1 (1914), in which standards of living and security for the upper and middle classes increased, leading to it retrospectively being labelled as a golden age by them. Equates loosely to the “Gilded Age” of the USA, and can be used in reference to other western and central European countries for the same period and reasons (e.g. Germany).


Belle epoque Can't really call this my own style,but beautiful - I'd have loved to live then and where this! :)

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Jolie mariée : le style Années folles !

La Belle Epoque, Paris early 1900's


La Belle Époque: A period of time in history from the mid 1870s to World War I. It was characterized by a sense of optimism and peace.

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L'ancienne cour -Mlle. Polaire -

Polaire was the stage name used by French singer and actress Émilie Marie Bouchaud (May 14, 1874 – October 14, 1939). Born in Algeria - Throughout her career Polaire was skilled in using her appearance to attract attention. In her early days as a café singer in the 1890s she wore very short skirts and also cropped her hair, fashions that did not become common in the rest of society until the 1920s.


Paris, 1890s to 1900s - Spring, Summer Attire required a proper hat, gloves and of course a parasol as to not have the sun spoil the skin with freckles and color.

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Everyday Edwardian

La belle Epoque: Edwardian style Dresses - La belle Epoque was a period of Western European history. It is conventionally dated from the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 to the outbreak of World War I in around 1914.

1910's Day dresses - lamp shade or tunic styles. An elongated top over a tight skirt. Large hat.