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Bed Sizes and Mattress Dimension Guide

Mattress Size Chart | good place to start your project is with a bed size chart

standard bed measurements Just in case you're not sure which size to order. Cal king is longer, yet narrower than a king size. The common misconception is it's bigger overall.

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes. Here are the dimensions for the most common mattress sizes.

Bed Sizes -the Mystery is Revealed! Mattresses come in a variety of sizes. Here are the dimensions for the most common mattress sizes.

You never know when you'll need Bed Sizes and Dimensions

Standard Quilt Sizes Chart: King, Queen, Twin, Crib and More

US bed sizes - a handy little pin for you. Visit the page for information on the space you need around the bed.

How much space should there be around the bed? We take a look at each different bed size for US, Canada, UK and Australian bed sizes.

king bed meaSUREMENTS | recliner AdjustableBeds electric bed reclining adjustablebed

How Big Is A Queen Size Bed Mattress In Feet? Queen size mattresses are going to be the perfect bed for newlyweds to buy. When choosing your first best mattress you are going to want to go.

Buy extra fabric, to add complimenting trim to curtains and pillows.    You will also need to repeat your top fashion fabric or use a sheet (same as the bed size you are making) for the bottom of the Duvet Cover.

Sew Your Own Duvet Covers with These Free Directions

Free directions, measurements and information to sew a duvet cover in all the common bed sizes can be found here. Cover your comforter or quilt with a duvet cover for a new look.: Duvet Cover Measurements and Fabric RequirementsCutting and Assembly

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Mattress Sizes Chart

Ruby Blue Quilting Studio: Back to Basics - Quilt Sizes. I feel like this will come in handy!

UK Bed Size Chart

UK Bed sizes chart - bed size chart for British bed sizes from small single to emperor size

dimensions of a full size bed | Mattress Sizes - Size Of Mattress - Mattress Measurements

Dont forget the 10 drop on each side and end. Top may require more for a pillow bump cover or it may not need any if pillows have shams.