A BB cream will hydrate, even complexion, and give a flawless finish

13 Dermatologist-Approved BB Creams That Will Transform Your Face

BB creams have made a huge impact on the beauty world in recent years due to their many skin benefits. Here are 6 of the best drugstore BB creams:

The Best Drugstore BB Creams

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The Ultimate Guide to BB Creams, Part 2    Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream; one shade. This balm provides coverage for problem skin with light-reflecting minerals that brighten the complexion, and its oil-free formula won’t clog pores. Plus, its neutral tint is neither orange nor chalky, making it a good match for fairer skin tones.

The Ultimate Guide To BB Creams: Part 2

A good BB cream is great for your skin and kind to your wallet. These are our picks for the best affordable drugstore BB Creams that you should add to your makeup kit now!

The Best Drugstore BB Creams

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BB Buzz: What are BB creams & how to apply BB cream correctly - How do you apply BB cream correctly?

BB Buzz: What Are BB Creams & How To Apply BB Cream Correctly

Skin smoothing AND skin clearing. Maybelline Dream Pure BB contains 2% salicylic acid to clear breakouts while hydrating and enhancing skin. The blemish fighting formula boasts 8 skin benefits to improve your complexion over time as it evens it day-to-day. It's the perfect lightweight coverage for a spring or summer picnic. Show off your skin with Dream Pure BB.
The weather's getting hot which means it's time to swap out your heavy thick foundation for a lightweight and affordable BB cream from the drugstore!
Drugstore BB Cream Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh + L'Oreal Youth Code + L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier ( www.PrettyGossip.com )