Confusion at a Desi wedding!

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Just Asian Problems

Just Asian Problems

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Security at its' best

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My dad totally does this with our soaps and shampoos

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12 Desi Misery Cards To Send To Your Worst Enemies. Stereotypes and ethnic jokes

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Does anybody know what version of Cinderella this is? I see it all over tumblr but I don't know the name yet :3

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Science gets the last laugh on ethnic jokes | misebogland

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Yeah, this is for all those guys I stopped following because I got sick of their rape jokes, disability jokes, ethnic jokes, and penis jokes. Get over your soul-fugly-selves and read a book. <3 luna

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oh Canada...

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Lmao! Remember, this 4th of July do not say "Firecracker". It is very offensive. It is called a "Firecaucasian". Thank you!

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