My bike as a kid was a Schwinn Stingray much like this one, except mine was orange and had one of those solid slick tires on the back.

Banana seat bikes with sissy bars & lots of chrome. I had a nice Schwinn girls bicycle. It was stolen from me so my dad bought me another was pink and white and had a banana seat.I loved that bike!

I'm thinking this may have been my first bike. It was green, it was a Huffy & I was SO surprised!!!

The Schwinn Stingray was all the craze. I built my own from a bike frame, adding a banana seat and monkey handle bars. With my long legs I could set way back on the seat and do all kinds of wheelies.

Mine was similar to this. I remember it being white with the multicolored folwer seat and the silly straw basket on the front.

Banana seat bike, plus tassels, and no bike helmet Mine was a deeper purple with a white seat and multi-colored flowers. Loved this bike.

Banana Seat Bike; this is the seat I had, along with a neon multi colored frame. People in cars would yell at me "nice bike!" All the time!

Flower Power Banana Seat--- my first bike had this exact seat!

Mine was gold, with a sparkly gold seat and sparkly gold streamers.  I also had a pink and white woven basket.

Mine was gold, with a sparkly gold seat and sparkly gold streamers. I also had a pink and white woven basket My Grandparents gave me a bike just like this!

Banana Seat Bike - No 70's childhood was complete without it

Banana Seat Bike - No childhood was complete without it.mine had a flowered seat and awesome streamers on the handlebars and a white basket on front with colourful plastic flowers. It was the best bike ever!

Spent many hours riding a bike like this. Was better with a friend riding behind on the seat. Had to keep your feet out of the spokes if you were the rider! My Dad and I worked on this bike.. from the frame to adding butterfly handle bars to the blue sparkle banana seat... time with my dad ... priceless...

Schwinn Stingray: Mine was yellow with a white banana seat and a white basket!

1971-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P228 by Wishbook, via Flickr

1971 Sears Christmas Catalog dream bikes - I had the flowered basket for my blue banana sear Schwinn.

Mine has teal metal flame paint, the basket with multi-colored plastic flowers on it and a white banana seat with the same flowers painted on it. I would love to have that bike again!

Sears Wish Book. I had a red and white one Banana seat, streamers out the handle bars, put those color tubes on spokes that make noise as the wheels turned.the had the best bikes and toys!

Raleigh Chopper - I never actually owned one but some of my friends did and allowed me to ride one sometimes. I coveted one dearly.

This bike, in an exhibit on British design in San Francisco, affected me at a core level as a kid. BBC - A History of the World - Object : Mark I Raleigh Chopper Bicycle

Banana Seat Bike!  I had one similar to this.  Mine was green and had four leaf clovers on the chain guard and it had a white seat.  It wasn't a 3 speed like I wanted and it didn't have hand brakes like I wanted.  It came from Monkey-Wards too.

Banana seat and butterfly handlebars. In mine was deep purple and white with streamers and purchased at Kmart!

I had this bike when I was little.  ;)

I miss my pink banana seat bike with the handlebar streamers. best bike i've ever had.

girls original banana bike (All the girls begged for one of these)

The banana seat bike with handlebar streamers and a white basket. Every little girls' dream bike, back in the day. Mine had a different seat and my streamers were purple and white.

Loved my floral banana seat  mine was a deep metalic purple with a white seat and purple and green flowers and I had a big white basket with plastic flowers on it

A New Bike for Christmas

The day my sister and I got pink, flowered banana seat bikes, we thought we died and went to heaven!

1970's Metallic Green Huffy Spyder Bike

Metallic Green Huffy Spyder Bike - mine was purple and had a white "banana" seat with a bright orange flag flying about 6 feet above it.