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i had a dream the other night that i got 5 puppies and 5 baby pigs... best dream, if only it were real...
Adorable baby pigs!
My intention is to fill up Facebook with baby animals to break the saturation of negative images and videos. If you like this post, I will choose a baby animal for you.
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Yeess yess i will lol
Little Oinker | Cutest Paw
Prosh Little Pink Hoofster
Petit cochonou
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Adorable Teacup Pigs | baby pig with candy bar Teacup Pig Pictures So Adorable

Teacup Pig Pictures – So Adorable

Teacup pig. Norberta SQUEEEE!! I WANT I WANT
Libby and her adopted teacup pig Pearl.

2-year-old and teacup pig are the two best friends that anyone could have