THIS FACE. | Look At This Adorable Baby Sheep Right Now

Look At This Adorable Baby Sheep Right Now

Funny pictures about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Oh, and cool pics about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Also, Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb.


Who are you calling an ugly duckling? Wildlife photographer conjures up some animal magic

Daffodils always spell Easter Sunday to me. Mum always had daffodils everywhere in the house for Easter. Big roast lamb dinner was traditional.


Baby lamb with a pacifier sitting in a baby crib. So cute!

Valais Blacknose Lamb......I want one

Valais Black Nosed Sheep are too cute to describe, just look at this pic. If I had one I would name her Treek (after my favorite ewok).

This cute baby lamb is ready to take on the world!

13 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

* * " De human attention span be short., likes dey don'ts haz de time or patiene to pronounce de entire disorder. Dat right der coulds beez another: T. - Too Busy Disorder.

Too cute!

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