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The object is carved from serpentine, a dark green stone, commonly used in Olmec artwork. Making an assumption from its small size, the object was most likely worn as a necklace rather than a mask. The face is probably a replica of an Olmec king. The Olmec people are more well-known for the colossal stone heads depicting their kings.


Aztec Ouroboros Quetzalcoatl Seven-segmented Aztec Ouroboros - The serpent god Quetzalcoatl is sometimes portrayed biting his tail on Aztec and Toltec ruins. A looping Quetzalcoatl is carved into the base of the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, at Xochicalco


I Tortini con cuore azteco sono una prelibatezza! A base di cioccolato fondente, cacao amaro e un tocco di peperoncino sono i dolci degli innamorati! #tortinicuoreazteco