Forget Plus-Size or Superskinny: 2015 Is the Year to Embrace Being Average

Why It's Time to Celebrate Average-Size Women

Forget Plus-Size or Superskinny: 2015 Is the Year to Embrace Being Average - wonderful article!

It’s the photo that sparked hundreds of letters. Is this photo Lizzie Miller going to change the face of the modeling industry? The picture above of 20-year-old Lizzie Miller graced page 194 of the September 2009 Glamour magazine. Miller is a size 12-14 and heard from agencies that she was too big to be a plus size model. In the modeling industry, size 8-10 is the “plus size” range, which is crazy when you consider that Miller is an average (or even slightly below-average) sized woman.

Lizzie Miller in the 2009 Sept. issue of Glamour. I remember reading this article as a teenager and being so inspired by seeing a healthy, happy, beautiful woman over a size six in a national magazine.

The designs and prints offer various options to women who want to buy these tops and the range is as large as any other range for women’s tops for slim and average sizes.

A LBD for the plus size girl. It's silk so you can wear it in the spring and summer. For fall / winter layer leggings or thick tights underneath. plussize Eileen Fisher Silk A-line Dress (Plus Size)

"Rather than using models who are either size 0 or size 18 with nothing in between, we should be showing a breadth of sizes, including those in the middle."

Why It's Time to Celebrate Average-Size Women

have look at this interesting body shape infographic to find our Miss averages weight and shoes size and how it has changed over the last 50 years

Body Shape Infographic

Seems that yet again im anything but average.Knowing your body shape is crucial in selecting the right outfits. This Infographic covers 4 most common – Rectangle, Hourglass, Pear and Apple

These are UK sizes. In the US the sizes are: Men's ideal, size 10; women's ideal, size 6; national average, size 14.

Which Woman Has The Perfect Body?

Very interesting. So, if men's ideal is size and women's ideal is size who's responsible for this unrealistic and ridiculous "mainstream" beauty standard? If you're size cool. If you're size that's cool too. Beauty is beauty.

Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley... she's just a regular sized, beautiful woman.

Vogue Australia shows diversity in sizes and ages! - Style has No size, Robyn Lawley: I think it’s better to be happy and content with your natural size

The average American woman is not a size 14 anymore

A new study published in August found was that size 14 is no longer accurate; the average American woman today is actually between a size 16 to

Mannequin Vs Woman…<---This is proof that women are getting judged about their weight and being basically insulted by the people who make mannequins.

mycroftsrunninggear: “ fuckyesfeminist: “ Average size mannequin with average size woman. ” PLUS SIZE model Denise Bidot. Not just an “average sized woman.

"The biggest thing for women to keep in mind is you can't ever let someone define beauty for you. Look in the mirror and say that this is my definition of perfection."  -Jennie Runk

Plus-Size Model Jennie Runk Talks Body Image, Dieting, and Feminism

Size 14 Model Jennie Runk: "Size shouldn't be a unit of measurement for worth"