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da Adventures Of Adam

Clothespin Rainbow Busy Bag

Clothespin Rainbow Busy Bag. A simple toddler or preschool busy bag to develop fine motor skills. Help your little one learn the colours of the rainbow .


My life with asperger.

My life with asperger.

My life with asperger.

My life with asperger.


Soo buying this keychain its amazing!! I 100 percent support any research too understanding autism :)


Questions About Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza, Asperger's Syndrome, & SPD by Temple Grandin, PhD - If Adam Lanza had been encouraged to develop his talents and interests, socialize with others, and turn his skills into being able to earn an honest living, would his life have turned out very differently? #SpecialNeedsBlog #autism #Aspergers

Ok so there is this guy that was in my art class that looks just like Adam Driver. Well I really liked him. He's super nice and funny and he is even over 6 ft tall. Well I was too shy to talk to him. Well, my teacher figured out I liked him one day and when we got new seats she moved him right next to me so I had to talk to him. I was flipping out like holy crap! I don't know how to talk to guys! And one day he talked to me and we became good friends. He's so cute!


Adam Driver in Vogue. Shirtless, with a goat over his shoulders, outside S thatched cottage. IDK what is going on but I like it.