PIETREVIVE cat rocks by Ernestina Gallina - cat portraits on rock, hand painted with acrylic colors

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So hypnotic, so brain melting. Makes everyone think this: "Are dragons real or are they just a fantasy?"

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combinazione armonica colori caldi e freddi

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Beautiful photo of artists, Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, laughing together in their elder years. (1941)

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Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Mrs Howard Johnston,1906, via Wiki paintings

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Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso in front of the Café de la Rotonde in Montparnasse, Paris. Photograph by Jean Cocteau, August, 12th 1916.

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Fortunato Depero | Fortunato Depero: a cinquant’anni dalla morte un’occasione per ...

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Sonia Delaunay wearing one of her many Geometric Textile Designs in Apparel form.

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Henri Matisse - Portrait de Madame Matisse (La Raie Verte) - 1905

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Vincent van Gogh, Landscape with House and Ploughman

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