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бля. глистоопарыш через жопу вылез. Maya

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Late Classic Maya, Jaina Campeche or Yucatán, Mexico Figure of an Aristocratic Lady, A.D. 650/800

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Terracota Maya de la Isla de Jaina, representando un jugador de pelota con todo su equipo protector. Cultura Maya, período Clásico tardío. Campeche, México.

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Jaina warrior Ancient Maya (Jaina, Mexico), n.d.

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Incense burner stand depicting the Jaguar God of the Underworld

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Figura maya

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Mayan Calendar

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Mask of Death & Rebirth, maya masks, pre-columbian masks, mask of rebirth, maya reliefs, maya art, pre-columbian art, mesoamerican art.

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Mayan Corn God Yum Kaax Mexico is corn, corn is Mexico. From prehistoric times, Mexico has produced corn to feed its people. Archaeological remains of early corn ears found in the Oaxaca Valley date as far back as 3450 B.C. Ears found in a cave in Puebla date to 2750 B.C

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