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Arte greca, statuetta di donna con mantello, da tanagra, 350-300 ac. ca

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Dieci minuti di Arte (L'arte Greca)-Arte per Te-.wmv

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Outline Greek Amphora clip art

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Zeus or Poseidon, National Archaeological Museum, Athens

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Black-figure pottery - Wikipedia

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Penthesilea (Πενθεσιλεια means "mourned by the people") was an Amazon queen who led her troops to Troy in support of King Priamos during the Trojan War. She herself fell by the hand of Achilles, who mourned over the dying queen on account of her beauty, youth, and valour. When the hero lifted her helm he fell in love and agreed to return her body unharmed to the Trojans for proper burial.

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Skyphos (drinking cup), 6th century b.c. Greek, Lydian Terracotta

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Arte greca Krater, Late Geometric IIa, Attic, Attica, Thebes. Attributed to Subdipylon Group, 735BC (circa)

Woman seated on a rock Greek, Hellenistic Period, 3rd century B.C. PLACE OF MANUFACTURE Tanagra, Boiotia, Greece

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Arte greca Hydria attica con scene dell'incendio di Troia