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Plaster hand cast

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armature- framework around sculpture

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3-d sidewalk chalk art

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pantyhose and wire sculptures

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WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM?? pantyhose sculptures and other great art project ideas

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Lynda Benglis | Embryo II, 1967 | pigmented encaustic and gesso on masonite /sm

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Charlotte Thorup by woodfirer, via Flickr

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For 3-D forms. Can be textured when wet, carved when dry. Light Modeling Paste- lightweight, airy, flexible, thick, sculptural gel... specifically formulated to be used where weight is a factor. Used alone, dries to a matte opaque white that readily accepts staining. No "mud cracking." Often used with texture gels. Flexible Modeling Paste- matte, opaque mixture of marble dust and polymer emulsion used to build heavy textures and three-dimensional forms on flexible or rigid supports.

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good instructions for this project. a faithful attempt: 3-D abstract sculptures using stockings

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I love the texture. Gesso sprayed with Shimmerz.

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