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25 Ways to Use Beeswax

25 Ways to Use Beeswax | The Paleo Mama:

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A new way of protecting bees against varroa mites

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Life Cycle - Good visual for children. This is very easy for your children to follow when you introduce them to the world of beekeeping.

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incredible close-up of Bumble bees full of pollen ; ) (via flickr 73681361@N02/6712454857)

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Honey bee worker showing Nasanov gland

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Learn how to keep ants out of your hives.

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Royal jelly makes one live longer: Why queen bees survive 40-times longer than workers

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Gorgeous wood bee & honeycomb

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Freed from the confines of a beekeeper's square frame and artificial wax foundation, bees naturally build combs in U-shaped panels.

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Honey Bee's tongue or proboscis, unfolds like a blow horn toy. It is soft and splays at the end, allowing the bee to suck-up any nectar or water.

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