“Seated Victoria, Throwing a Wreath”, Christian Daniel Rauch, Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin (c

Angel with the Lance     The bridge was built in about 133 to link the mausoleum of Hadrian to the left bank of the Tiber,

Angel with the Lance - one of ten statues of angels that adorn Ponte Sant'Angelo…

Angel Statues: Meaning and Art

Angel Statues: Meaning and Art

Irritated... every time I get a little stressed I have to argue with myself of why am I in this position... the Q are the exact fucking same... AHole: Why Me: because I didn't do what I should have done when I was supposed to AHole: Why not? Me: because I was [insert excuse] AHole: excuses...  God give me strength, give me patience... if I must be embattled with those who have none, give me more than enough to share... It is too much to be separated from You for such prideful stings…

Angel that embodies Strength. Guardian angels are usually depicted this way. They are defenders, messengers but only to deliver messages from God, not to talk to us, bold, and fearless.

Angel Statue Sacred to the Memory by Martin

Angel Statues & Sculptures

Is it wierd to say I love graveyards? There's something so mysterious and.beautiful about a dark way.

Hauntingly Beautiful Angel Statue in the Woods

Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri photo via anita . So I live fairly close to Missouri.I should go find this and have a little Doctor Who fun!