100 Cute and Small Foot Tattoos with Pictures

100 Cute and Small Foot Tattoos with Pictures

Do foot tattoos hurt? Cute and small foot tattoos for women, girls and men with flowers, butterflies or words. Inspirational cute and pretty Foot Tattoos.

number five. #anchor #tattoo

These tattoos make no sense. are you aware that an anchor is created for the SOLE purpose of sinking. if you don't want to sink, tattoo a damn pool noodle on yourself - that shit never sinks

Travel+Quote+Tattoo | Anchor Quote by Kristina Webb...would make a great tattoo also | Art

Infinity Symbol

I don't get this whole dumb anchor "I refuse to sink" thing. I mean anchors sink. if you refuse to sink get a tattoo of a life jacket or something.

50 Cool Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meanings, http://hative.com/cool-anchor-tattoo-designs-and-meanings/,

50 Cool Anchor Tattoo Designs and Meanings

My own anchor tattoo ⚓ by Joe Parrish at G Studios, Frankfort, Kentucky

/ The anchor is reliable, stable, safe, and unchanging. It keeps ships and people grounded and continuous.

This would have been a great idea for the tattoos Paul and I were going to get done while on our cruise in the bahamas. Next cruise this will get done.

Stunning Tattoo Ideas For Women #2

Anchor Tattoo Compass Tattoo - reminds me of the poem Invictus - esp. the lines ´i am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul'. Or "Children are the anchor to a mother's heart"