Accept the fact that you will grow apart from people........

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Whether we grow apart or our friendship ends abruptly for good reason, it doesn't matter to me...when I love, I love hard and it doesn't just stop...I hope and pray for the best in your life no matter what!

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People grow in life, either with you or apart from you.

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Even with the best intentions, growing apart might just be an inevitable part of growing up. It’s no one’s fault, so there’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s just the way things are.

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Yep.... Sadly.....this is how I've lost some people I use to consider best friends. Growth is necessary. God help me if I become stagnant. I'd rather lose people finding myself.

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It's part of life. You still care about them, but they just aren't good for you anymore.

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Morning BAbes! To keep on the topic of finding your tribe, we also want to talk about losing friends. It happens. It is perfectly normal and okay to grow apart from people, especially the toxic ones! If there is one thing we have learned, it's that you don't have to stay friends with someone just because you've been friends for a long time. Surround yourself with people who make you better and be a good friend in return. Check out the blog to read more about building strong friendships.

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I loved you once, I love you still, but you tend to think my love isn't real. So our friendship was lost, I'll pretend I don't care, but I'll love you still. Life isn't always fair.

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Amen! For so long, I was shunned and judged for outgrowing certain people. There's such things for seasons!

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