La tintura madre di erba gattaia è utile per alleviare l’#acidità di #stomaco e, in generale, i dolori dell’apparato #digerente e per favorire l’eliminazione dei #gas intestinali,effetto leggermente sedativo.
Gentiana asclepiadea, willow gentian
everlasting 'Sommerschnee'
Eryngium maratium
This+thyme+is+a+compact+spreading+sub-shrub+with+low-lying+hairy+stems.+The+aromatic+gray-green+leaves+contrast+with+the+clear+pink+flowers+in+summer.+Plant+the+thyme+in+well-drained+soil+and+remove+any+leaves+that+fall+onto+it+in+fall.  Height:+4+inches  Spread:+14+inches  Hardiness:+Fully+hardy+plants  Soil+Preference:+Well-drained+soil  Sun+or+Shade:+Full+sun
Nepeta mussinii - apparent mosquito repellent
Hairy boraginacea like  pulmonaria blue ensign
I freaking love the reply -jfrost

This Is Why I See Beauty As The Least Of My Concerns

Thymus citriodorus ‘Silver Queen’::Vivai Priola
A shady perennial blooms for months

A shady perennial blooms for months