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"Orti per tutti" Davide Consolati, Paolo Guidotto, Valeria Zamboni, Massimo Peota


Design Trust put together a metrics framework that measured the associated activities of urban agriculture with the known benefits derived from various studies. This framework was an important step for Five Borough Farms as it became a marketing device to help convince city officials of the positive impacts that urban farming could have on the community. Chou knew that collecting the required data to reinforce the framework would not be an easy process since passionate urban farmers do not…


Utopia d'agricoltura urbana in India produce più energia che usa

da ACLI Ascoli Satriano "Don Tonino Bello"

Permacultura e agricoltura urbana: cosa sono?

Agricoltura urbana, questa meraviglia. Ci sono tutti gli ingredienti di una…

anålogo, Davide Consolati, Paolo Guidotto, Valeria Zamboni, Massimo Peota · "Orti per tutti" - Concorso di progettazione per un'agricoltura urbana

Harvesting Station il nuovo concept dell'agricoltura urbana


agricoltura urbana

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Carote in mezzo al cemento: il ruolo dell’agricoltura urbana | Transition Italia

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