Scott Leo " Taye " Diggs (born January 2, 1971) is an American theatre, film and television actor, best known by his nickname, Taye Diggs. Description from I searched for this on

Taye Diggs to Write 2nd Children’s Book

Scott Leo " Taye " Diggs (born January is an American theatre, film and…

Wesley Snipes, male actor, black, beauty, moustache, intense eyes, sexy guy, steaming hot, masculine, action, portrait, photo

Wesley Snipes-as First Sergeant Bradley 'Top' Sims call sign Sergeant Rock- Joe Ledger series

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I don't know who this beautiful creature is but I'd gladly have his love child!

boris kodjoe | Who is the most handsome/sexiest black male actor? - Black Hair Media ...

Who is the most handsome/sexiest black male actor?

Best Male Actors Over 40 | ... -Washington-one-of-the-only-few-black-actors-who-won-Best-Actor.jpg

Denzel Washington "What's a celebrity, anyway? I'm just a working actor.

BEST BLACK MALE ACTORS UK - click for excellent blog post with 20+ actor bios.

Curriculum Vitae of David Oyelowo. Details of representation and enquiries for David can be found on this page.

famous+black+actors | Greatest African American Actor (Male) Cuba Gooding Jr.

The leading star is Cuba Gooding Jr, who also stared in the 1995 film Tuskegee Airmen with Laurence Fishbone about the same group of black fighter pilots

Wow.... that's literally all I can come up with to say.... just, wow.

Tom Stubbs outfits Luke Evans in a Sunspel t-shirt and UNIQLO denim jeans with a Salvatore Ferragamo belt and Jimmy Choo boots.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Hairstyles

Short hair has never been styled as many times as Channing Tatum does it! If you prefer your hair trimmed or even shaved, check his hairstyles out.