Giant Lincoln Logs made from pool noodles

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Lincoln Logs: Since 1918 children have been building homes from these miniature interlocking wood beams.

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How to make the classic Lincoln Log toys out of cheap 2x6s from the home center.

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The Original Lincoln Logs - Set 2C I grew up playing with my dad's Lincoln Logs. They stored in a metal and cardboard canister.

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DIY Lincoln Log Catapult Toy to make and play with.

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How to Make Lincoln Logs from 2x Lumber

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Lincoln Logs - This looks like the set we had, multiple pieces inherited, old mixed with new, always a few that were slightly discolored, and could never figure out why the chimney was yellow . . . gosh, this sure brings back memories.

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The real thing: all the pieces are WOOD! Houses are obvious, but I recall building airplanes and an airport.

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Lincoln Logs, classic building tools for kids and a must have in any classroom, I played with them myself as a kid and my preschoolers have always loved building with them. I've seen some awesome stuff come from working with Lincoln Logs.

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School Lunch Peanut Butter Bars. They are the best peanut butter bars I have ever tasted. Ever.

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