Use a mason jar to make this sparkly centerpiece for a milestone 50th birthday centerpiece.

Fun and Creative 50th Birthday Party Ideas

high heel shoe centerpiece ideas | Shoe centerpieces: Maybe something to go on some of the wine tables ...

Shoe centerpieces: Maybe something to go on some of the wine tables, could be a total thumbs down, but maybe? Goodwill for shoes and I'm sure a little polish could fix them up

50th Birthday centerpieces.

A well-chosen birthday centerpiece adds color and style to the celebration. Here's how to make sure that your centerpieces make a fabulous impression!

Love this for a Black and Gold themed tables for a 60th birthday party or gala!

I think these could be ideas for table decorations on either the elevated table or the dinner tables. I especially like the centerpiece and I think that have extravagant center pieces will emphasize the

Very clever centerpiece ideas for milestone birthdays!  Use these ideas for 30, 40, 50...year old birthdays.  Colorful, fun and yummy!

Very clever centerpiece ideas for milestone class reunions! Use these ideas for old class reunions. Colorful, fun and yummy!

75th Birthday Photo Centerpieces

How to Decorate with Photos for a Milestone Birthday Party

Picture frames with flameless candles. Glue 3 picture frames together with no backs, then place a flameless candle inside to illuminate the photos - great for weddings, family reunions, anniversary parties,so cute

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Here are our latest centerpieces. Each centerpiece has a number 50 cutout from styrofoam and then covered with metallic gold glitter. Each centerpiece has it's own unique look.