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rock em sock em robots - loved it when their heads popped off

The 1970 Hot Wheels Mongoose & Snake Drag Race Set. When we lost to many pieces, my brother and I chased each other smacking one another and leaving welts.

1970 Hot Wheels Mongoose and Snake Drag Race Set

Hot Wheels with race track loops . Used to play with these while my brother wasn't looking! - I confess, I'm not too old to still play with toys!

ATARI!!  Many games of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Tennis were played on this machine.  Way before Wii, this was the bomb!                                                                                                                                                      More

The history of the Atari 2600

I had one of these but really it didn't float my boat

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No 401 Canadian by PourToujours - OMG I loved Spirograph when I was a kid - I spent hours and hours using it.

colorforms from 1960s | ... Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: 12/01/2008 - 01/01/2009

I had this Raggedy Ann Colorform set. I loved Colorforms! --colorforms from

Baby Alive. My mom thought I was too old for dolls and bought this for my step-sister. She soon became mine. :)

Always wanted one. Then I played with my cousin's and realized it was kinda scary. When she "chewed" her food, she sounded like a small garbage disposal.

DIY your own view-master reels!

Make Your Own View-Master Reels

Do you remember the View Master? Love the View Master, Mom still has one at home.

Uno | seventies toys | 1970s toys | vintage toys | retro toys | nostalgia | childhood |

Uno - Always a favorite. Uno and Skip Bo.still have my cards!

1970s toys | And here are some pictures of my Death Star Space Station:

Death Star Playset - the coolest part was the garbage container - it was full of foam.

70s toys | 1970s Original Weeble Wobble Clubhouse Tree House by planetalissa

1970s Original Weeble Wobble Clubhouse Tree House

Original Weeble Wobble Clubhouse Tree House "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down",.

WIZ-Z-ZER Late 1960's - Early 1970s Gyroscope Top Toys by Skookum Industries, via Flickr

WIZ-Z-ZER Late - Early Gyroscope Top Toys.just don't put them in your hair :) .

Tube socks with stripes 1960-s-70-s-clothing

Tube socks - the laundry never seemed to come out with matches every time . what did my sons do with those other socks? We should have had mom get-togethers that were BYOS - bring your own socks and maybe we could have matched some of them up!