Look at it for a moment, and this brain-baffling optical illusion will begin to spin before your eyes. But what your brain perceives as a spiral is actually something rather different.

Invitation Circle

Lock screen

Project will start in invite-only mode, so I designed fancy wall for that.

In circle

Most things look better when you put them in a circle quote design

Zen Circle

There are few symbols in Zen Buddhism, and one of my favorite ones is the Enso. This simple shape--a circle--represents Zen Buddhism perfect.


Dozens of intertwined iron rings encircle our mirror with artisan-crafted detail. A hand-applied antiqued-bronze finish gives each frame a unique patina

Hand circle

Ayer Sub Countywater committee women interviewed- MollyWhen broken- using a borehole 30 min awayA low flow rate at this rehabbed well.Long line at the other borehole she used to go to and a.

Circle Map

Circle map

Back in the golden days of Dribbble, someone, I think Liam McKay, posted a similar motif.

a Circle icon


Circle by Bryan James


Intersection of lines between a circle and its polar point.

The Circle

Circle Icon

Bit close to the bone!