The Italian Dish - Posts - For Easter: Italian Easter Pie, "Torta Pasqualina"

The Italian Dish - Posts - For Easter: Italian Easter Pie, "Torta Pasqualina" ~ meatless savory pie

ricetta cassata siciliana

La cassata siciliana, ricetta passo passo

Gambino Winery - Sicilian Food - The most famous the because in the password is cheese and goodbye diet but happy view. To taste this joy at old town have a look at Belveliero bebtrapanilveliero.

Ciao Chow Linda: Torta Della Nonna

Ciao Chow Linda: Torta Della Nonna Also, from the Washington Post: The Torta della Nonna is popular in Tuscany at Easter time. It is a double-crust tart filled with a delicately flavored pastry cream.

Orange Almond Cake

Rich, dense, and decidedly tart from oranges that have been pureed whole in the batter, alongside the pleasantly nutty taste of almonds.

Frangipan (Almond Cake)

Frangipan (Almond Cake) - My Grandmother-in-Law made this when I visited, and it was delicious! I definitely need to give this a try myself.

Cherry Studded Ricotta Tart == Proud Italian Cook

not my favorite thing to do so I cheat a little bit and use these yummy dark Morello cherries I discovered from Trader Joe’s.

Rice cake | Italian Recipes | Italian recipes - Italian food culture - Academia Barilla

Rice cake Regional name: Torta dell’abbondanza Rice, milk, sugar and candied fruit go into this delicious gluten-free cake from the city of Bologna.