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Fiori stabilizzati - Preserved flowers

Collezione di fiori preservati / stabilizzati
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rose stabilizzate


Composizioni Natalizie : COMPOSZIONI VETRO RED

Known as the “rice flower” due to the formation of small grain-like flowers. It is a sister variety of helicrisum or siempreviva, very common in the fields of the Mediterranean. Available in a wide range of colors that bring light and a seasonal touch to your arrangements.

Inspiration: This flower is associated with rich meaning, so its presence or giving a gesture of great symbolic value.


Inspiration: When in doubt, a long stem rose! The standard rose is the optimum balance between prominent petals and the slender long stem. Timeless and elegant. It looks right anywhere from a large romantic bouquet to a minimalistic solitaire vase.

Inspiration: The princess rose with its delicate size is ideal for combination with other flowers, without monopolizing the design. Its dimensional uniformity ensures that it will not be overlooked whether it is taking part in light and minimalistic interiors or used in intricate shapes.

Inspiration: The graceful fragility of the cymbidium makes it an ideal choice for wedding bouquets and decorations. Like no other flower it combines the exotic with delicate elegance.

Inspiration: The solution for the urban space and impulsive ideas. The smallest of our stem roses, it is the perfect size for smaller spaces or a solitaire vase on a café table. Call attention to your product line by adding a stem rose in your company color with every sale.

Lavender has been used for centuries as ornamental plants and essential oils for medicines, aromas and condiments. The intense color and pleasing aroma makes it a great choice for rustic arrangements with an atmosphere of Provence.