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While Building Character, Find a safety board to stand on, if you fall get back up!

VCDesign have been thinking about prefab loft extensions for ages!   dakkapel zwart

Prefab extension modules may avoid canopy scaffolding. Cost of canopy scaffold Vs increased cost of roof.

Pool House La Lunera, Dipartimento di Soriano, 2015 - Nicolás Pinto Da Mota Arquitecto

Gallery of Pool House La Lunera / Nicolás Pinto da Mota + Victoria María Falcón - 4

Maison Simon - Picture gallery

Image 7 of 21 from gallery of Maison Simon & Mathieu Noël & Élodie Bonnefous architectes. Courtesy of Mathieu Noël

Church Hill Barn, Newmarket, 2016 - David Nossiter Architects

Image 5 of 51 from gallery of Church Hill Barn / David Nossiter Architects. Photograph by Steve Lancefield

CASA CSR - Picture gallery

CASA CSR - Picture gallery

Aenaon Villas - Picture gallery

Jaw Dropping Views Of The Mediterranean From The Aenaon Villas In Santorini, Greece

Recreation House - Picture gallery

Zecc Architects: Recreation house in the surrounding of Utrecht — Thisispaper — What we save, saves us.

Stazzo D’Aldia - Picture gallery

Stazzo D’Aldia - Picture gallery