Love this! Maro's kindergarten: Ideas to make beautiful corners in your classroom!#newschoolyearcrafts

LOVE This! Reading takes you places.student created butterflies emerging from an open book. Cut-Paper Art Print © madebykale (Artist, Australia) print Colorful butterflies emerging from an open book.

Puerta del salon de clases decorada de primavera

Butterfly bulletin board - kids remove a butterfly and write a compliment on it to share with someone in class/building.

A twist on another bulletin board...we made the butterflies using books we had weeded from the collection! The kids loved to try and figure out which book it was from! We titled it Reading gives you wings...Thank you Susanne (my TA) for taking my idea and running with it!

We love this bulletin board made with books weeded from a collection! The butterflies could also be made from old maps or left blank for kids to color in.

"My" first grade project: Ocean habitat Diorama.

Make animal habitat boxes and let the children place plastic animals into the correct habitat.

Ocean Art Project for Kids Using Oil Pastels, Watercolor, and Salt ~

You'll never guess how this watercolor background was made!

We used some fun watercolor techniques to make this ocean art project for kids. The finished art is perfect for a summer project or to for an ocean theme!

Coral Reef Diorama craft:  •Shoebox or similar-sized box  •Printable card stock or construction paper  •Crayons or colored pencils  •Acrylic paint  •White glue  •Scissors  •Paint brush  •Pencil  •Sand  •Sea shells (optional)  •Paper bowl or egg carton (optional)

FREE Coral Reef Habitat Diorama craft: Learn all about coral reefs and ocean life in this fun coral reef habitat diorama craft.

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