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Pablo Neruda #aforismi


Aforisma di Pablo Neruda , Oggi lasciate che sia felice, io e basta, con o senza…


Where has this guy been all my life . 5 simple things I dream of every night. 5 things and I am complete.


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #quantomancaaaAM #1baciodivellutoverdeverdissimo :)))

Eugenio Montale, Ho sceso dandoti il braccio.

Pablo Neruda from Cat's Dream I should like to sleep like a cat, with all the fur of time, with a tongue rough as flint, with the dry sex of fire; and after speaking to no one, stretch myself over the world, over roofs and landscapes, with a passionate desire to hunt the rats in my dreams.