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four mason jars filled with white sand and lit candles on a tray in the living room
Regali di Natale, idee regalo Natale 2020
centrotavola fai da te natale candele barattolo vetro
a dining room table with chairs and pictures on the wall above it, along with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Aristocrator: Interior Inspiration
Idea for a "fish trap" light..?
an empty hallway with white walls and neon lights
Wall | Lighting | Atelier Zafari Architecture | Apartments and Townhouses
a man working at a counter in a restaurant with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling
Meat & Bread - Eclectic - Dining Room - Vancouver - by Scott Landon – Modern Antique Store | Houzz
Mi piacciono le lampade e il soffitto
three different shades of paint with the names on them and labeled in blue, green, white
Our Top Color Palette Trends for Spring 2017 | Cassandra LaValle
Top Color Palette Trends Spring 2017 - coco kelley
the floor is made up of different types of tiles and fixtures, including faucets
Pusat Slot Scatter Hitam Mahjong Keluaran PG Soft Resmi Terbaru !
Interior Finishes by Carlyle Designs www.barnandvinehomes.com
some paint and other items are laying out on the ground
Quartz Designs
Experiment with a nautical look by marrying Galloway™ with knotted patterns and colors that evoke the open sea. Click to see more design inspiration. // Designed by: @studiomatmingle
multiple pictures of different types of boats in the water
Nuances de BLEU VERT : Vert Balsam, Bleu Pétrole, Bleu Paon, Bleu Canard. (Chiara Stella Home)
On ne sait jamais si c’est du bleu ou du vert. C’est un dilemme. Le nuance est subtile, dansante, vibrante… un peu comme les dégradés de couleurs bleu vert des plumes d’une queue de paon. Certains d’a
five different shades of paint on a white surface with one color swatch in the middle
Tierras - Patricia Urquiola
Beautiful color palette, perfect for Winter www.lab333.com www.facebook.com/pages/LAB-STYLE/585086788169863 http://www.lab333style.com https://instagram.com/lab_333 http://lablikes.tumblr.com www.pinterest.com/labstyle
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and chairs
Amelia restaurant by Sestini & Corti, San Sebastian – Spain (Retail Design Blog)
Amelia restaurant by Sestini & Corti, San Sebastian – Spain | Retail Design Blog | Bloglovin’
a dining room with teal green walls and wooden table in front of large windows
Colour in the kitchen - The deVOL Journal
Don't be afraid to use a little colour in the kitchen. We love this whole wall of storage in a bespoke colour somewhere between green and blue.
a woman standing on top of a giant pile of objects in the ocean next to a boat
Un bagaglio a torre.
Tomek Sętowski Sono parecchi giorni forse anni secoli millenni che costruisco questa infinita torre di gigli e catene di parole fame frane di neri capelli scarpe scarpini farfalle asole da sera le ...
a wooden wall hanging with a sailboat on it
Bois flotté à Crocky
bois flotté peint...
three wooden paddles with numbers on them
Beach and Lake House Wall Art
an old blue boat with two wooden oars
Attention Required! | Cloudflare
Barca pescatori con remi
an illustration of a man on a paper boat
Des voyages... - Le blog de gaelle boissonnard
Cet été, je n'ai pas vu la mer, alors je l'ai imaginée. Et puis je suis rentrée... Deux nouveautés, parmi les huit qui viennent de paraître chez Rond de Lune.
a drawing of a ship on paper with pencils next to it
Top 22: Fantastici disegni in 3D | Darlin Magazine
Top 22: Fantastici disegni in 3D | Darlin Magazine
the plans for a wooden boat are shown
"Whaleback" Chinese Junks
shaohing-ch'uan, or Hangchow Bay Trader: A Chinese junk with a "whaleback" hull
an anchor is drawn in the sand at the beach
Temporarily written in the sand...forever engraved on my heart...
an animal that is tied up and laying on the ground with its head stuck in a rope
Anchor to India
ships anchor
the nose of an airplane with numbers and symbols on it's side, as well as arrows
Naval Architecture
Naval Architecture
an anchor hanging on the side of a wooden fence
Rusty iron anchor, I would love one for my bathroom, they're so cool looking
an old rusted metal object laying on the ground next to a wooden door and window
Old rusty anchor
Vecchia ancora arrugginita
a close up view of a wooden dock with chains and shackle
post and rope arena
post and rope fence - Google Search
two ropes are attached to the side of a white wall in a room with beige carpet
rope nets
rope net railing - Google Search
a rope is attached to a metal hook
Fancy and decorative knotwork gallery|Stonk Knots design in Rope
Rope door handle - but used as hand hold outside with nylon rope? Could I make this?
three framed pictures hang on the wall next to a potted plant
Do it
Do it
two chairs and a table in a room with pictures on the wall
|| Just My Cup of Tea || Cotswolds- Magdalena Hendey | Flickr. #britain #cotswolds
an open door leading to a living room with pictures on the wall and wooden floors
Glitter for Breakfast
Glitter for Breakfast
the woman is walking down the long hallway in the building with many tables and chairs
Gelateria Gubbio - NEURO
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and chairs
Home | MyWorldApart
Noma restaurant
a living room with blue walls and a yellow chair next to a wooden dresser in the corner
Tendenze Casa: le pareti scure | Vita su Marte
Blog ironico e divertente su moda, cibo, lifestyle, social, tv, gossip, viaggi, casa e tutto ciò che ci piace
an open door leading to a living room with pictures on the wall and wooden floors
Lo Spazio Perfetto
Lo Spazio Perfetto
a room with pictures on the wall and a table in front of it that has an open door
L'anima romantica
Rustic classicism
the interior of a restaurant with wood paneling and metal partitions to divide it from the dining room
Thi công nội thất nhà hàng MAREDO - Nội thất ASP
Nhà hàng MAREDO
a dining room with several framed pictures on the wall and wooden tables in front of it
Men's Designer Clothes Online & Clothing Boutique
Framing and wall color
a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs in the middle, hanging from the ceiling above
Australian Interior Design Awards
Gallery | Australian Interior Design Awards:
a balloon floating in the air with water on it
Forum: Le cite (page 8) - Cromimi.com
a chair and desk in a room with black walls
Idee abbinamento colori pareti
Nero e rosa cipria - Audace l'abbinamento colori pareti per l'angolo studio.
a stainless steel sign on the side of a wall with arrows pointing in different directions
Cartelli segnaletici per ambienti-Hinweisschild WC-PHOS Design
two pictures show the inside and outside of a restaurant, with wooden slats hanging from the ceiling
ODESSA Restaurant :: Vladimir Nepyivoda, Dmitry Bonesko & Sergii Andriienko #interiordesign #style #decor #interiorinstallation #installation
a man standing in front of a display case filled with bottles
Il vino in un acquario di ferro e vetro
the interior of a restaurant with multiple tables and chairs in front of large glass windows
french window hong kong
french window hong kong - Google Search
candles are lit in glass jars with sand inside
Bricolage, a lume di candela!
porta candele far da se con barattoli e sabbia
an empty restaurant with long tables and hanging lights on the ceiling, in black and white
Ristorante Perimetro