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We didn't give you the shovel. We simply pointed out that you already had one in your hand.

This is typically true, even if it takes some time for me to process everything and come to a conclusion.

Because INTJ’s reach their conclusions after much internal analysis, they are confident of their decisions.

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So basically my dad's side of my family's number one known trait is an INTJ thing. Most of my extended family are INTJs.

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Worse Case Scenario: Realizing after the fact that your INTJ bluntness made it under the censor wire after all.

Oh, I could not even begin to tell you how true this is.

INTJ - this is true. It is so extremely uncomfortable being observed learning things. I must feel I am competent before being seen!

Usually only when I'm frustrated. I feel like many people think I'm just a heartless person when I don't cry for sad things.

This hurts very deeply. The lack of tears where there should be some makes an INTJ question what percentage of human they are.