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Today I am doing nothing. Yesterday I did nothing, but I…

Nella vita ti devi ricordare sempre due cose: essere felice;

La fantasia è un posto dove ci piove dentro. Italo Calvino  #ipsedixit #cultstories

popping paint filled balloons on a canvas . put paint tape to cover the place to stencil, put paint filled balloons around canvas, pop with darts (slingshots?), let dry, use stencil to add silhouette - love it! Or do the crayon melting thing!

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Risultati immagini per vignette satiriche sull'amore

Risultati immagini per vignette satiriche sull'amore

'Friends come in All Shapes and Sizes', Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus & Woodstock❤️.

Peanuts Posters

'Friends come in all shapes and sizes', Snoopy Charlie Brown, Linus and Woodstock, the Peanuts Gang

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