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an info sheet with many different types of information on the page, including numbers and symbols
The Anatomy Of A Perfect Website [Infographic] | Bit Rebels
The Anatomy of a Perfect WEBSITE #infographic
an image of the back side of a bookmark with trees and flowers on it
Garden Estúdio
Garden Estúdio on Behance
the grumpy cat is pointing at something on the screen with caption that reads, i opened you once it was awful
Internet Explorer - FunSubstance
Internet Explorer (BEST WALLPAPER EVER)
a website page for a wedding dress shop
I love the idea of one large photography spilling into other sub sections. They all use the same lighting so when something is overlaid on top of it it still looks really cool.
the website is designed to look like it has many different things on it, including cakes and
Web design inspiration | #550
25 Professional and Modern Web Designs | From up North
a poster with different types of desserts and candies on it's sides
Ferroconcrete: Fruute Branding
Ferroconcrete’s clean, min­i­mal and whim­si­cal brand­ing for früute
a large poster with many different types of lines and shapes on it's sides
National Geographic Rebrand
National Geographic Rebrand / Justin Marimon *** A complete rebranding of one of the leading nature, art, science, and history publishing companies, National Geographic
an app icon with a record player on it
35+ Free and Flat Icon Sets
a cat laying on top of a white rug next to a green hat and scarf
30 Photo Background Website Designs
30 Photo Background Website Designs
a hummingbird is flying in the air near some red flowers and green grass with an orange border around it
Google è cambiato - Il Post
In questi giorni Google compie 15 anni e festeggia con diverse novità nel sistema di ricerca. L'aggiornamento Hummingbird, sempre più attenzione ai contenuti e al settore mobile.
an image of a website page with many different pictures on the front and back cover
25+ Websites with Unusual Geometry
25+ Websites with Unusual Geometry
the different types of buildings are depicted in this graphic
What You Should Know About Flat Web Design
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
Responsive WordPress Themes: Mobile & Tablet Premium Themes
Why WordPress Responsive:Infographic