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an info sheet with different types of logos and colors on it, including the words
How to Use Google Better [INFOGRAPHIC]
How to be a Google power user
a black object with a blue light on it
The World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - Design Milk
The World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
a person is holding an orange purse with a cell phone in the bottom half of it
6 Bags That Charge Your Devices While You Travel
6 Bags That Charge Your Devices While You Travel
an iphone is plugged into a charger with plants growing out of the wires
so cute!
a woman riding a bike down the street with a red ball in front of her
Copenhagen Wheel - IPPINKA
This wheel assists you when going up hill, and charges when you brake. Turn any bicycle into a hybrid vehicle.
a poster with the words 6 ways to kill every cord in your house on it
6 Ways to Kill Every Cord in Your House
Tame unwieldy cords with these gadgets and tips.
three different wooden panels with lines on the bottom and one in the middle, all lined up
Free Curved Wooden Backgrounds
an image of some type of electronic device with wires and plugs attached to it
Never Lose Your iDevice Cord Again With These I.D. Labels [VIDEO]
Give your chargers a unique look with these fun decals.
a hand holding a white toothbrush with two pictures on the front and back of it
Conceptual 'Copy & Paste' Tool is a Portable Scanner and Printer In One | OhGizmo!
‘Copy & Paste Tool' is a portable scanner and printer
This Watch’s Design Changes When You Touch It #innovative #product Accessories, Taschen, Mens Accessories, Watch Collection, Moda, Amazon, Watch Design, Swatch
Watch's Design Changes When You Touch It [PICS]
This Watch’s Design Changes When You Touch It #innovative #product
a cup of coffee with a toothbrush in it next to some coffee beans on a table
Cold Coffee Hot - Yanko Design
Re-Warming is a reheating stick that restores tepid drinks to their piping-hot glory. I would love this for my tea... I like a large cozy cup for my hands but I take my time enjoying every bit of it... warming it at least once. #Gadget #innovative
a white bag filled with water sitting on top of a table
The Bheestie Bag. Invented by sisters Karen Wildman and Lisa Holmes, this innovative product extracts moisture from cell phones, PDAs, cameras, watches or any gadget that has accidentally been exposed to water. Simply put the item in the bag, leave it for 1-3 days, and voilà - it should be completely resuscitated. Brilliant. #gift #travel #smartphone #gadget #innovative
three different views of a bicycle with the light on and below it's wheels
As a college student who has night classes I say "take my money!"
this is amazing. you can see where you're going at night!
an iphone is sitting on the dashboard of a car, next to a ventilator
Sticky Pad May Harness Gecko Power To Hold On To Your Gadgets | OhGizmo!
Gecko #biomimicry holds anything on your #dashboard. #iPhone #car