Enzo Stanzione

Enzo Stanzione

Enzo Stanzione
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No photoshop, these are real animals!

UNPHOTOSHOPPED direct photography, ethereal/dreamy/fairytale-like photography shot live with real animals really interacting with real people.thanks to Russian photographer Katerina PLOTNIKOVA, via

The Most Beloved Street Art Photos of 2013 | FreeYork

This gigantic mural of a snake was painted by Sokram for the DesOrdes Creatives Festival in Ordes, Galizia, Spain. The mural features a green snake that s


Pennies From Heaven. I love this. Since my dad passed away almost 7 years ago, I often find random pennies on the ground and many times it is at a time in my life I am struggling with something. I pick them up and save them every time.

Pool speakers! I want these!!!

Set of 3 Floating LED Pool Speakers. Simply toss the waterproof speakers into the pool and start the music, transmits wirelessly via from a single bass station. When not in the pool, the speaker work equally well on dry ground.