Fabulously simple, 'Optimist' lamp by Cosima Geyer just like the CLever Hanger...get the job done without fuss! THe Clever Hanger hangs the wreath effectively and this shines the light -effectively!

thedesignwalker: “Optimist is a minimalist design created by Germany-based designer Cosima Geyer Industrial Design.

clamped table by Ryan Sorrell - detail of clamp

Adjustable Furniture - Clamped Table by Ryan Sorrell. Legs you can quickly clamp onto any board - make a dinning table. side board, bar etc

Get the best of both worlds with these chopstick eating utensils. Featuring the advanced chopstick style on one end, and the traditional fork and knife .

Martha Stewart Collection set of 4 silicone head spatulas — whether it's cake batter or ice cream mix, swipe up every last bit

Martha Stewart Collection Set of 4 Sillicone Head Spatulas - Martha Stewart Collection Kitchen - Kitchen - Macy's Bridal and Wedding Registry