Interesting cut off of 9 and 5. By placing words that travel as if the paper was landscape, the cut off is less severe and works.

The type splits down the middle of the page. Although the letterforms are cut in half they still clearly resemble their original. Very elegant and balanced use of gothic type.

2 - anon

This is another type of font design that I want to use for my fashion event, because it is colourful and eye catching and extremely different and unusual.

beauty of words

The typographic design in this poster is quite unique. I like how the letters are cropped and combined. The two letters form into a good shape.

IdN™ Creators® — Marque (Glasgow, UK)

IdN™ Creators® — Marque (Glasgow, UK)

Bring design-conscious detail into your home decor with typography, whether your style suits vintage-inspired letterpress techniques or graphic wall art.