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Interview with Pat Dolan of Sportsman Flyer

The beautiful frame of a Sportsman Flyer motorized bicycle, a throwback to the glory days of boardtrack racing.

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I Believe I Can Fly: Dicer Bikes' motorized bicycle

Meet the Screaming Pigeon: a motorized bicycle with a hint of board track styling and a top speed of 70 kph. Built in Australia by Dicer Bikes, it's based on the iconic Flying Pigeon bike, with a beautifully integrated 50cc single motor, modern disc brakes and a classy Brooks saddle. Just the thing for popping down to the shops on?

The Grey motorized bicycle boardtracker / moped by imperialcycles, $2,975.00

Aristocratic Motorcyclist Artwork – Moto Lady i like this www.suzukigs500.co.uk

1975 Honda Goldwing custom

The old leather strap tank remiinds me of old 1950 Austin Healey hood straps, classy.

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40 lofts qui vont vous rendre dingue de jalousie


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