Roma / -Pusher di libri- (cit.) πŸŽ πŸ“š Per lavoro ho a che fare con i manoscritti altrui. Leggo fortissimo e scrivo ovunque.
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like blood. but change the film and it could be just a man, dipping his hand into the pale blue paint that would've been the color of his unborn baby's room.

"Purple Passion" Oh my goodness you can order books in any color by the foot!!!

Books by the Foot. Boxes of used to new books packaged in a x x box. Many sets are targeted toward decoration, but can also get by subject, vintage copies, etc. Hate that some sets have 6 box minimum orders!

Leaves with morning dew, I never grow tired of gazing at this bit of tranquility.

I love this because it looks very creative with the rain and the 3 leave clovers! great way to represent luck! this relates to OMS because luck has a big part in the story. This is different from mine because I didn't do luck.