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black and white abstract painting on paper with squares in the middle that have been cut into smaller pieces
Carola Kastman
a black and white drawing of a barn
carnets 3 – Frédérique Bertrand
two drawings of women with wings and an angel
two pieces of cloth with spider webs on them and some words written in red
Book Artist of the Month: Dianna Frid
two pieces of cloth with designs on them
Book Artist of the Month: Dianna Frid
an old book with drawings on it and some other things in the backgrund
three black and white pictures on a wall with trees in the background, one is holding a knife
Earth + Allegory
black and white collages are arranged on a wall in an abstract manner, with multiple squares that appear to have been altered
an artistic drawing with flowers and butterflies in the air above it is a woman's head
an old book with two pictures of people and one man in the middle is open
jenny wildfang