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Small Bathroom Remodeling Guide (30 Pics

I like this idea for small bath; Our bathroom is a bit wider and the sink is on the other wall, but with a tall glass door closet and drawers under the sink, this layout could work.

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Arredare casa con gli specchi

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Bathrooms are next on the list for keeping up to date with trends. While plumbing jobs need to be done by a qualified plumber, there are plenty of other improvement tasks that you can tackle on your own.

Come riciclare i vecchi barattoli: 20 modi originali per riutilizzare i vasetti di vetro

Put your makeup, hair ties and beauty products in cute DIY makeup organizers so your bathroom countertops stay clutter-free. We show you easy and simple DIY ideas to use mason jars, clear containers and a rolling vanity to store your makeup items.


25 Fantastiche soluzioni realizzate riciclando legni naturali


Shelves for wet bar. Home Decor Ideas. Easy home decor ideas. Also a good idea to put over a toilet if the toilet area recedes into the wall in a space like this next to the shower or something


Completed in 2008 in Formentera, Spain. Images by Estudi Es Pujol de s'Era. Can Manuel d'en Corda is located on a plot of of rustic nature in the area of the Venda des Cap de Barbaria, in the west of the island of.