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Emanuele Ragnisco

Emanuele Ragnisco
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Portico -Ricostruzione di Villa San Marco, Stabiae

Stabiae's seaside villas will soon be resurrected in one of the largest archaeological projects in Europe since World War II

That's the Romans' way: the "Triclinio".

These pieces of furniture come from the imperial villa of Lucius Verus (co-emperor, A. on the Via Cassia outside Rome. On the couch legs are friezes of huntsmen, horses and.

...com'era una delle dimore sontuose dell'imperatore romano Tiberio a Capri...

Villa Jovis is a Roman palace on Capri, southern Italy, built by emperor Tiberius and completed in AD Tiberius mainly ruled from there until his death in AD

Ricostruzione virtuale di uno degli ambienti della Villa dei Papiri di Ercolano

Virtual reconstruction of the villa which was owned by a member of the senatorial elite, probably identifiable with Cesonino L. Calpurnius Piso, Caesar's father in law, as well as the console of the 58 BC